Teenage Problems in School and Tips to Resolve Them

The teenage years are difficult. Growing up, as Peter Pan will testify, is not for the faint of heart. Problems in school, such as stress, self-image, and emotional control, are often exacerbated by the mass hormonal maelstrom that is more commonly known as high school, making it seem like a physical and psychological obstacle course rather than a place of learning.

Teen Stress

School is a stressful time. The  The pressure on young adults to perform well in a variety of academic, sporting, and extracurricular activities is grueling. On top of this, teens at high school are expected to make wise, life-changing decisions. The modern world is wonderful in that there are so many choices available for students, but these same options can make their high school years seem overwhelming.

You can’t alleviate the stress and pressure of making life decisions for an 18-year-old. However, as a parent, there are some behaviors you can encourage to help your teen through this stressful time.

  •  notes exercising is one of the best ways to reduce stress, but doing something with your teen may also help them talk to you about things that are going on – a win-win situation.
  • Talk it out. Just as adults need a sounding board when faced with major life decisions, teens do too. The key here is to talk about it without judgement. Rather than telling your teen what you would do or how you would feel if faced with the same decision, ask them about how they feel, and help them list pros and cons of any major decisions.
  •  suggests that teens may feel less stressed if they take at least some time out to do things that truly love. Whether it’s hanging at the mall with friends, or knitting, encourage those breaks to help your teen feel balanced and less stressed.

Test Anxiety

According to the , it is unusual to find a single student who does not suffer from some degree of test anxiety. After all, students spend a lot of time taking tests. There are end-of-semester tests, end-of-year tests, subject matter tests, aptitude tests, state tests, national tests, and . The list is endless to a stressed-out teenager. Sometimes those tests carry with them some real consequences for not doing well. It’s no wonder teens can feel some serious anxiety over testing.

What to Do About Test Anxiety

  • Help your teen advocate for himself. If testing is a chronic issue, suggest he go to his teachers and ask about extra credit or alternative methods of demonstrating that he knows the information. While not every teacher will say yes to all requests, most teachers will appreciate a student who is taking responsibility for his grades and education. By opening up a dialogue, your student may well be setting the stage for success – even if he never does particularly well on a test.