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Quiz: Are household chores causing arguments in your relationship?

Couples often come unstuck arguing over who’s going to do what, how often things need to be done and attitudes towards how clean the house should be. Arguments that start about something seemingly simple can really spiral out of control and become much…


Common Problems Between Parents and Teenagers

Conflicts between parents and teens are nothing new. Whether it’s curfew, cell phones or even friends, conflicts can and will arise. How well teen and parent probems are handled, and the strategies used can make all the difference. Some Common Parent Teenager Problems…


Ask Ammanda: My partner is emotionally abusive

I don’t know if I am overeacting or being too sensitive to my partner’s comments and behaviour. He is very disapproving when I want to spend time with friends instead of with him. He says that I am not fully committed to the…


Difficulties in Adolescence

Difficulties in adolescence can be overwhelming but are common. As a teen, there are so many pressures in your life and so many things are changing. Your body is changing, your hormones are raging, you want to fit in at school, your teachers…


Ask Ammanda: Is stress causing her to look elsewhere

My wife and I have had a difficult year — I’ve changed my medication (I suffer from multiple sclerosis), my wife has needed an operation, her nan died and her mother’s partner walked out. This year we wanted to put everything behind us…


Ask Ammanda: How do I get my wife back?

My wife and I have just had a major argument which ended up with me being kicked out of our home. Recently, I accused my wife of cheating. She had been very secretive over a number of weeks with her phone. The number…


Final Thoughts

No matter what, fast fashion has got to go. We need to fundamentally change the way the garment industry works, and shift it towards environmentally friendly practices. The best way that we, as consumers, can help this is to vote with our dollar…


Ask Ammanda: My wife has kicked me out

My wife and I recently had a major argument which ended up with me being kicked out of our home. I accused my wife of cheating, because she’d been very secretive with her phone. The number of messages she sent had increased, she…


Teenage Problems in School and Tips to Resolve Them

Teenage Problems in School and Tips to Resolve Them The teenage years are difficult. Growing up, as Peter Pan will testify, is not for the faint of heart. Problems in school, such as stress, self-image, and emotional control, are often exacerbated by the…


Political Issues Teens Are Interested In

Even though teens can’t vote until age 18, they want their opinions considered on important topics. Today’s teens are interested in issues relating to every aspect of their lives from environmental concerns to privileges like driving.   Teens and Driving The legal driving…


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