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Is Instagram giving teenagers anxiety?

From looking at a friend’s Instagram account, I thought her daughter was having the best high school experience. Yesterday, my friend told me her daughter hates high school.


When your teenager moves out to college does her bedroom still belong to her?

Over the holidays, I heard a disturbing story that I must share but I also curious if anyone else finds it disturbing or is it the norm?


How to roadtrip with your teenager

 few weeks ago, my daughter and I did a road trip across six states. It took us more than 16 hours. I thought it was going to be drudgery. I assumed my daughter would be on her phone all the time and ignore…


How to build your teenager’s self-esteem

Growing up, I felt like I was too skinny. When I flipped through magazines, I wished my boobs were bigger like the models and my curves were more pronounced. Now, with social media bringing images of a curvaceous Kylie Kardashian or a buff…


Celebrating an 18th birthday is emotional

My friend is telling me she is throwing a Harry Potter birthday party for her eight-year-old son and I am suddenly jealous. I want to experience little people getting super excited about a theme party and plan something creative that will thrill my…


Teen Drinking

According to a recent survey, 39% of high school students admitted to drinking alcohol within the last thirty days.


When Teens Want To Escape

When life gets hard, we often want to retreat … to take a break and regroup. It’s natural!


What Is Forgiveness?

When your child says something like, “I wish I’d been born in a different family!” … how do you recover from the hurt?


Bluffing in Online Poker: How to Recognize from the First Seconds

Many players do not want to recognize a bluff in poker, considering that everything depends on the cards they have in their hands. Often, this tactic leads to the fact that in the long-term game, especially in tournaments, they are left without chips,…


Long distance moving

Even the moving to the next street, can have a lot of different questions, how to organize all this correctly? When it comes to moving to another city or even state, for many people it causes a real panic. However, in fact, not…


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