Erectile dysfunction is the same as impotence, just its more modern name, and today it is more correct. Medicine is rapidly moving forward, and today doctors have dispelled two myths that float around impotence. First, its origin. According to recent data, the origin of erectile dysfunction is purely physiological and not psychological in nature. That is, a strong stress or psychological trauma cannot lead to impotence. Secondly, the claim that erectile dysfunction is incurable has collapsed. Today, the treatment of impotence is successful in 95% of cases.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction a man cannot help but notice. This lack of erection in the morning, the inability to achieve an erection before intercourse, the inability to ejaculate, and this is repeated with increasing frequency. The main thing in this case is not to shut yourself up and get depressed, but to decide to treat impotence. For men, the problem of erectile dysfunction causes a lot of complexes and worries. But modern medicine is able to give you back your manhood. 

Impotence is not a disease in itself. It is a symptom of other diseases in the body. The most common are diabetes, overweight, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease – blood does not flow to the penis, hormonal failure – lack of testosterone, diseases of the urogenital system, liver disease from abuse of alcohol and cigarettes.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

To cure erectile dysfunction, treatment is most often offered medication. It does not help everyone, but if you decide to try it, it must be drugs. Not dubious supplements. There are two other methods: injections and pumping blood with a vacuum pump. But there is a huge disadvantage: this must be done independently just before intercourse. You can access special medications at

The modern approaches can seem radical, but these are the most effective methods of treatment of impotence for a long time. The first is surgery on the blood vessels of the penis. Vascular problems more often than others lead to erectile dysfunction, blood can not get into the penis in a sufficient volume. The surgery is aimed at activating blood flow through the arteries and blocking the outflow through the veins. And the second is prosthetics. A special semi-rigid prosthesis is inserted into the penis, but it is not just a prosthesis, its device is much more complex. In particular, special cylinders are connected to it, in which fluid accumulates during erection.