All Counter-Strike: Global Offensive athletes strive for efficiency. They develop all sorts of tactics, practice accuracy and strive to possess the most powerful weapons. At the same time, the economy of the tournament game mode is structured so that all weapons have different cost and power, and bring different amounts of money for killing the enemy. That’s where brutal mathematics comes in, making some “guns” popular and others not. You can also find interesting additions on this site

Indeed, if you have enough money to kill an AK-47 when playing for attackers, then why buy a less accurate Galil? Why not take the gun, which is loved for its appearance? Take a weapon from a set that includes the most killer toys? Maybe you should save money? There is a dilemma.  Many parameters are taken into account when choosing a weapon, including the spread of bullets. Each weapon has its own peculiar one, so you should get used to it and work it out separately. In such a situation, a small arsenal is a good thing. It is not necessary to choose from a lot of guns. For a successful defense game it is enough to choose the optimal set of items.


Your standard USP-S pistol is a precise and long-range gun that can hit your head through half a map. Therefore, it is reasonable to buy only basic armor or grenades at the first (pistol) round, and in subsequent rounds do not forget to get a very strong second weapon, when most of the ammunition runs out.

Armor: life expectancy

The situation with armor is very simple, because in the game there are few situations when buying an expensive rifle is more reasonable than buying armor. Therefore, in 90% of cases, the player should first buy a flak jacket with a helmet for $1000. In the first round, it makes sense to take a bulletproof vest for $650.

M4A1-S: base

Our mainstay and the most versatile rifle to strive for. High killing power, long range accuracy, high shooting speed are the advantages of the M4A1-S rifle. Do not take off the silencer, as it will not give you any bonuses. Perfect set when playing for protection looks like this: M4A1-S, armored vest with helmet and a pair of grenades.

AWP: Not everyone needs it

This sniper rifle with all its power is not a device for everyone. Leave it to the professionals who hone their skills as a sniper, who have a separate place in any team. These guys like certain positions on the maps, they have their own preferences for rifles, and the process of shooting is quite specific. The advice is simple: if you are not going to play all the time as a sniper – better take the M4A1-S.

Mine clearance kit: professional advice

This is the most useful device for $400, helping to win rounds. How do you do it? Reduces the time it takes to clear a bomb from ten standard seconds to five. In practice, this means you can afford a lot of tactical tricks, from a late attack to a quick “ninja-defusing” under the cover of smoke grenades. Of course, spending $400 each time is very expensive, but try to make sure that at the beginning of the round at least two people in the team have the cherished cutters. In addition, in the case of a tough shootout with losses, you will be able to pick up the set.

Instruction for use

So, our list consists of standard USP-S pistol, M4A1-s rifle, demining kit, armor and situational grenades. This is enough to quickly grow in the game level. Having mastered the basic effective weapon, start watching broadcasts from tournaments, because there you can learn to correctly navigate in different situations. If you want to make the game more diverse, then go here.