Children of the puberty period need to feel their involvement and it does not matter what. In this regard, adolescents have a desire to participate in various group associations of a social nature according to their interests and they like to change them.

Why, for teens, friends are of great importance, unlike parents.

There is evidence that it is easier for adolescents to overcome difficulties and troubles when they are surrounded by friends, not adults. The psychological explanation for this phenomenon is that friends usually do not have the habit of condemning or solving problems that the teenager is responsible for.
This means that the child immediately understands that you can’t count on someone, and he begins to solve the problem himself, without doubt and delay.
Girls absolutely need to be in friendly communication, as they are shy in adolescence and this prevents them from telling their parents about their emotional experiences.

When a girl does not have a friend with whom she can talk a little about her sympathies, then she may feel unnecessary to anyone. And in the end – the appearance of estrangement and depression, according to the psychologist.
A teenager may have stresses that parents cannot handle, no matter how much they seek, as they can be the cause of their occurrence. To find out this question and rely on someone, a teenager needs friends.
In this regard, it is absolutely not recommended to place bans for a teenager on communicating with someone. But if you are in doubt and worried about your child’s environment, try to be careful in helping the teenager find another social group.

But do not leave a teenager without friends, as they are of great importance to him.