No matter what, fast fashion has got to go. We need to fundamentally change the way the garment industry works, and shift it towards environmentally friendly practices.

The best way that we, as consumers, can help this is to vote with our dollar by purchasing clothing from environmentally sustainable brands. If you have the financial ability, purchase environmentally ethical clothing that was made as locally, with organic and recycled materials, and with a production method that produces less greenhouse gas emissions and consumes less resources. If you do not have the financial ability to do this, buy high quality second hand clothing. For the fast fashion clothing you have right now, try to extend its life as long as possible. Wear it gently, and mend it if tears instead of throwing it away. Try to shift your mindset away from the idea of clothing as disposable, and try as much as you can to support companies that are doing the same.


About the Authors

Brooke is a first year college student at the University of Virginia, planning to study Global Sustainability and Environmental Science. She has been interested in environmental sustainability ever since she was a kid, when she and her family would spend the summer camping in national parks across the country. She became involved with Turning Green as a Project Green Challenge Finalist in 2018, and will intern for Turning Green in Summer 2019. Brooke wants to work in an environmental nonprofit that focuses on community engagement around environmental issues and creating grassroots environmental solutions. On her campus, she is involved with several sustainability-related organizations involved with issues such as plant-based advocacy and plastic waste reduction. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, and traveling.

Madison is a first year student at the University of Virginia, where she hopes to double major in Civil Engineering and Global Sustainability. She has been passionate about protecting the environment ever since she was very young, due to numerous summers spent hiking and camping in National Parks all over the United States. She became involved with Turning Green in 2017 after participating in Project Green Challenge for the first time and is excited to work closer with them to help educate people about sustainability. Madison is the advocacy leader for Veggies of Virginia, the vegan club at UVA, and believes strongly in the power of a plant based diet and the intersection of sustainability and compassion. She is also an active member in Sustainability Advocates, a group that implements different projects on the UVA campus to educate students about environmentally friendly choices. In her free time, Madison enjoys hiking, reading, and cooking.