Do parents need to ensure that teens have good academic performance? Maybe school assessment of knowledge is his own business? What to do when the learning outcomes become critical and there is a need for urgent intervention in the child’s school problems? Perhaps an example of an approximate conversation between a parent and a child will help in resolving a situation without conflict. The worries of those parents whose children do not take their studies and their grades seriously are understandable.

There are different parents’ requirements for adolescent performance. More responsible children are less worrisome. Some parents entrust their offspring to take control of their studies on their own. It is useful to remember that a “satisfactory” grade is acceptable, both in school and in adulthood. Many adults perform their functions no higher than three points – a mediocre car, satisfactorily cleaned up the house and much more.
The teenager needs help to understand that his school achievements or failures are his personal affair. For many teens, school problems can arise from conscious or unconscious riot. They think that parents will suffer from the problems that have arisen, and not themselves. Of great importance in a conversation with a teenager is a properly constructed conversation.

A good parent talks with a teenager about his school performance.

Maintaining a good parent-teen relationship is important. Questions should be asked delicately without nerves and anger. Let the situation resolve naturally – without your pressure.

Father is son, how are you doing?

Son – great, I’ll go to the school party today.

Father is super! Hope you have a great time. What are the estimated quarterly grades?

Son (Julit) – I brought ready-made assignments from mathematics and English, but I didn’t even look at them – the teachers said that I was late for 1 day. Slop school!

Father is a sad situation! But tell me after all, with what grades will you finish the quarter?

Son – almost all triples, there are two units and deuces.

Father – yes … and what do you think of this whole situation?

Son – I hope to catch up if I try.

Father – it happens that it’s difficult to pull up. … I have an idea, maybe it’s easier for you not to attend school already – after all, in your opinion, school sucks.

Son (shocked) – do you think it’s easy to take and drop out of school?

Father – all the same, everything goes to this.

Son – but …

Father – son, the fact is that I love you very much and it is important for me to take care of you. All that you like and all that we have – the presence of a TV, a refrigerator filled with food, a warm, cozy home – all this thanks to my good or satisfactory work. Due to the fact that you do not even complete your school work in a satisfactory manner, I am very worried and worried – because I love you very much and therefore I cannot allow this to continue.Perhaps the time has come for you to find your life path? Of course, if you still want to stay with your family, you need to find a job to support yourself and pay for the room in which you live and your food. Do you understand? I really do not want to be negative towards you.

Son – dad, you didn’t understand. Of course, I’ll finish school, I’ll start trying.

Father – Well, let it be your way. You will reflect on this until the end of the next quarter, and if everything goes well with you, then I will continue to carry out my part of the work in a satisfactory manner. I think so honestly. Well, and if in the next quarter everything will be repeated with the estimates, then you will go to work and will contribute to the family budget for accommodation and food. You can work hard, and you can work great at McDonald’s.

Son – I won’t leave here!

Father – well – a successful solution to problems son. By the way, how do you want to solve them?

My son, a mathematician, said that the debt can be returned tomorrow, but then you will have to forget about the party.

Father is certainly a sad situation, I’m sorry. Think carefully, and I hope that you accept the rule