Couples often come unstuck arguing over who’s going to do what, how often things need to be done and attitudes towards how clean the house should be. Arguments that start about something seemingly simple can really spiral out of control and become much more serious.

One of the reasons for this is that, while these arguments are sometimes simply about what they seem to be, they can also be symptoms of a wider problem in the relationship. We sometimes fight about small things when really we’re expressing a worry over something else – something bigger. Complaining that your partner doesn’t ever help with the dishes, for instance, can also be about feeling generally unsupported and that they don’t care about your feelings.

As such, it can help to be considerate towards one another– when it comes to things like this, as it’s often arguments about day-to-day things that can create real resentment over time.

If you think arguing over household chores is becoming an issue in your relationship, try out our quiz.