With the advent of spring, many adolescents requested study and were fully engaged in their own affairs. And some children did not start to take classes at school and at home seriously. And no matter how their parents persuaded them to devote more time to study, all their words, like “peas against the wall”, bounce without results.

How to convince a teenager to start learning? The advice of a famous psychologist.

It is difficult for many children to force themselves to complete school tasks and keep up in basic subjects. And their parents cannot find the right and convincing arguments to convince the teenager of the need for study. All their words are perceived with hostility.

Personal experience.

I remember oncstudy at the institute. But she did not listen to me, saying that you can live well without higher education. I ee, and I urged my daughter to start studying normally at school in order to get good knowledge, for admission and ven scared her with the prospect of becoming a simple employee in the future, but she was offended, believing that I wanted her to.

In general, my daughter was a good, flexible girl at school, but fell under the influence of a girlfriend who convinced her of the uselessness of education, because she did not have it and believed that her life was successful even without it.
In the end, I stopped fighting with her for school, we refused a tutor in mathematics, and learning at school continued without much enthusiasm. She finished school with good grades, but she did not have enough solid knowledge for further studies.

Now she is an adult and finally realized how important it was to get knowledge at school. Today, she really lacks education, and she is trying to get it on her own, but the lack of school knowledge in some subjects hinders the quick realization of what she wants.

I write this for those parents who are tired of fighting with their children, trying to convince them of the importance of education. Do not dismiss them and do not let everything drift. Try to find the right words to convince the teenager to learn math or those subjects that may be useful to him in the future. Be sure that your efforts will not be in vain and your child, in time, will correctly evaluate them.

Talk heart to heart with your child. Find out how he sees himself in later life. What he is interested in, what interests him more. Tell him that even in the profession of a tattoo master, knowledge of chemistry and biology, the ability to draw, etc. are necessary.

And if your son wants to become a businessman, then knowledge of mathematics will be useful to him, without which you can not do. After all, you need to be able to calculate the size and profit, make reports, etc.

In a relaxed atmosphere, agree that you will not be demanding of estimates and agree that he should focus on several subjects chosen to his taste.

Tell the teenager examples when your acquaintances lacked knowledge, and they lost a lot, due to improper attitude to school knowledge and not received education.

Try to convince the child that an erudite, knowledge-filled person is a pleasant conversationalist and a welcome guest in any company. He easily finds a common language with people and knows how to master the situation.

Put things in order on the desktop together so that the teenager enjoys working with him. Ask him to go to bed on time to rest and gain strength for study.