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Buying property on the outskirts of Marbella

Marbella is a world famous resort, which is famous for its luxury and hospitality. It is the emerald greenery of the mountains, the cool blue sea, an unusual mixture of Spanish and the best European traditions of architecture, culture and even cooking. It…


7 tips for CBD novices

Almost everybody has heard of the magic CBD component that originates in a cannabis plant, and many have tried it. There are also those who have not yet managed to try this product because of doubts and uncertainty. In this article we will…


Benefits of Dating Sites

Using an online dating and dating services on the Internet can have advantages, as well as some dangers and disadvantages. There are things that a person can do to protect themselves, along with other online dating communities. Below are some things you need…


How to understand that a child has become a teenager? 3 signs.

Чтобы «особый» период жизни вашего ребенка не попал на вас внезапно, и вы были бы готовы нормально реагировать и принимать подростковый возраст, эта статья написана. В ней вы узнаете о трех основных признаках, которые указывают на ваш переход из категории просто родитель в…


A teenager and poor grades: how to influence academic performance. The first way.

Do parents need to ensure that teens have good academic performance? Maybe school assessment of knowledge is his own business? What to do when the learning outcomes become critical and there is a need for urgent intervention in the child’s school problems? Perhaps…


Teenagers’ love: why not bother? 5 rules for parents.

What should be your reaction if your teenager has a meeting with a girl? What can be hidden behind such addiction? What do teenage feelings and love have in common? What to do if you consider the chosen one of the son not…


School sucks. How to improve the assessment and behavior of the child in 3 months.

Almost every class has its own bully, a maliciously poor or difficult child who receives a bad attitude from classmates and teachers and pays them the same. Is a change in his behavior possible and can there be improvements in his performance without…


Why, for teens, friends are more important than parents.

Children of the puberty period need to feel their involvement and it does not matter what. In this regard, adolescents have a desire to participate in various group associations of a social nature according to their interests and they like to change them.


Tips for parents of adolescents. How to grow a confident young man.

Raising a teenager is a complex and lengthy process. The child is no longer a baby, but not an adult. This is a transitional period with problems for both parents and children. But patience and small tips will help in overcoming difficult life…


How to understand that a teenager is manipulating you. The advice of a famous psychologist.

To achieve what they want, many teenagers use the manipulation method in dialogue with their parents. The child uses the subtle soul strings of his parents, which he presses and receives that which you just can’t get. It is very important to understand…



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